The Different Ukulele Sizes Explained (Chart)

VD July 07 2021

Speaking of different ukulele sizes available in the market, there are five major categories. These five categories are organized based on two standards. These are the same standards that are used as metric units in ukulele size charts in inches. 

  • The scale length of a ukulele includes the length range from the neck to the nut/bolt of the ukulele. Scale length is crucial in ukulele design as it determines the overall tone and the force applied on the ukulele. 
  • As the name tells, the overall length is the complete length of the ukulele, including the scale length. It is known that the overall length will be 1.5-1.6 times more than the scale length.

And here is the ukulele size chart for your convenience before we move on to look even closer at each category of this beautiful instrument.

Ukulele size chart


All these numbers may be confusing to a beginner and don't really answer the question. So let's move on.

What size ukulele should I get?

With how popular ukuleles are, it's important to figure out what kind is best for a newbie. The best ukuleles for beginners are concert, soprano and tenor.

The most common five ukulele size categories are as follows:

Baritone Ukulele

The baritone ukulele has an overall sound retaining design. The most significant feature of the baritone ukulele is the lack of re-entrant tuning. This means that the ukulele strings are ordered back from the lowest pitched strings to the highest ones. This is not common in most ukuleles. The overall length falls under 30-31 inches, and the scale falls under the range of 19-20 inches based on ukulele size charts.

Pineapple Ukulele

The name can already tell that these ukuleles are pineapple-shaped. These ukuleles are famous for their super resonating tone, which is more harmonical than other ukuleles. Still, these ukuleles show a significant resemblance to soprano ukuleles. This is because both these ukuleles have a moderate resonating deck surface. 

According to verified ukulele sizes, the overall length of the pineapple ukulele is around 21 inches. The scale length for these ukuleles is somewhere between the range of 13-14 inches. This scale size also explains why these ukuleles have such a resonating tone.

Tenor Ukulele

One of the most popular types of ukuleles that are available in the market today. The tenor ukuleles come with an exceptionally long scale length as compared to other ukuleles. This allows these ukuleles to be converted into high-G and low-G tone ukuleles according to your need. The long scale allows artists who prefer finger playing to glide more quickly through the strings. 

According to ukulele size charts, the overall length for this ukulele falls under the range of around 26-27 inches. The scale length for this ukulele is somewhere between 17-18 inches.

Soprano Ukulele

One of the most commonly available and used ukuleles. The soprano ukulele is widely recognized because of its signature plinky kind of ukulele sound. This is because the moderate deck size of this ukulele doesn’t create much of a resonance. That’s why this ukulele is considered the best choice for solo or house playing with friends and family. 

According to the ukulele size charts, the common tuning ranges of the soprano ukulele is A4, D4, B4, and F#4. But mostly, the soprano ukulele is tuned down to A4, E4, G4, and C4. The scale length of the soprano ukulele ranges between 13-14 inches, while the overall length is about 21 inches.


Concert Ukulele

The name can already tell quite everything about the product; the concert ukulele is the most commonly used in concerts. Structurally, this ukulele is a kind of hybrid between a soprano and a tenor ukulele. 

The tuning metrics for the concert ukulele are the same as the soprano ukulele. As for the tone, these ukuleles have inherited the depth of tone from tenor ukuleles and the sweet, comfortable tune from the soprano ukulele. Based on ukulele size charts, the scale length for this ukulele is around 15-16 inches, while the overall length is around 23-25 inches.