The Best Acoustics Guitars – Between $100 & $200

VD October 10 2021

Are you looking for a perfect guitar for yourself to turn all those tunes into the reality that you have been keeping in your diary for so long? With the current technology integrated into guitars, anyone can easily find the best acoustic guitar within a suitable price range.

Apart from that, there are some other things you need to bear in mind before making the purchase. Here is a short guide for all those people who would like to buy an acoustic guitar with some simple steps mentioned about how to select your instrument according to your needs and preferences. Have a look at it!

What Acoustic Guitar To Focus On?

The first thing you need to keep in your mind is what kind of guitar do you want to buy. There are different categories of guitars available with some widely used by professionals and amateurs. You can choose anyone according to your needs and preferences.

  • Classical Guitar

As the name suggests, this guitar is ideal for classical music only. If you would like to learn classic Spanish songs then this particular guitar is just perfect for you because of its round back that enhances rich bass sounds. This style of guitar isn't suitable for playing folk or rock music as it doesn't produce excellent sound volume because of its small body which makes it inappropriate for stage performance. With wider neck than steel-string acoustic guitars, classical guitars require more skill but before you do so, make sure you have a good quality classical guitar in your hand.

  • Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This type of guitar is perfect for both amateurs and professionals because it has the capability to produce optimum sound volume due to its wooden body. In addition, these guitars are equipped with necessary electronics that help in reducing feedback when performing on stage. As compared to other guitar types, acoustic-electric guitars offer more flexibility when it comes to playing different kinds of music genres from pop or jazz to rock n' roll.

  • Steel String Guitar

Most popular among all options available, Steel-string guitars can easily be used for any kind of musical performance regardless if you would like to play folk songs or want some HD studio recording done by yourself. It is because of their loud sound, thinner necks, and a large body that makes this guitar is exceptional for musicians.

  • Folk Guitar

This particular type of guitar is ideal to use if you want to play folk music. With wider necks than steel-string guitars, these are easy to handle making them perfect for beginners. These are not recommended for stage performance as they don't produce high volume due to smaller body sizes.

  • Acoustic Bass Guitar

If your main focus is playing bass lines then acoustic bass guitars should be the best option for you as they come with a specific design including a bigger body, long scale length, and wide neck which allows extensive fret access making it easier for users to perform fast scales or solos even at higher positions on the fretboard.

  • Travel Guitars

As the name suggests, these guitars are made for those people who love to travel. Smaller in size and light in weight, these guitars are perfect if you would like a guitar that can easily fit inside your backpack. The main drawback of this type is its small body which reduces sound projection and loudness.

Remember, you do need to thoroughly go through the description of every single guitar listed below. All of these are regarded as the best acoustic guitars of the decade, but not everyone one of them is valuable for acoustics alone. You will need to configure the guitar with acoustic dynamics.

To make it easier for you, here we have reviewed some good quality acoustic guitars under $200 just to help you get an idea about how to choose the best one among all options available:  

Martin D-15

Martin is the epitome of mahogany dreadnought guitars. With the signature dreadnought body, the D-15 is known for its balanced voice. It is a strong contender for the title of the best acoustic guitar.

Martin 000-15SM Mahogany 

Martin 000 is another one straight out of the Martin best acoustic guitars series. Slotted headstock with the 12-fret neck joint, the 000-15SM will take you back to the ‘blues box’ era of the 1930s.

Yamaha FG830

We can’t complete the list of best acoustic guitars without including a Yamaha guitar. A dreadnought profile, Laminated Rosewood back with a solid spruce top, the perfect features to get a warm guitar voice with a high-end punch.

Guild DS-240 Memoir

With a slope shoulder-like dreadnought shape, the DS-240 is often regarded as the best acoustic guitar for people looking for quality under a moderate price tag. The C-shaped mahogany neck is perfect for getting a warm and soothing guitar voice.

Fender CD-60 V3

The first-ever Fender in the ‘best acoustic guitars’ group is a class apart. For $200, you will get a dreadnought shaped guitar with a Mahogany back and sides. Isn’t that amazing?

Ibanez AW54

Made from solid Okoume, the AW54 will be the best acoustic guitar that can even play warm tones with lower or mid-range frequencies.

Yamaha FS800

To this very day, the FS800 is the highest-rated acoustic guitar that falls under the price tag of $200-300. Being the best acoustic guitar of its respective domain, the FS800 is known for its focus on the highs and the mids.

Takamine GD20-NS

Takamine is one of the very few guitars included in the best acoustic guitars that come with a solid cedar top yet fall under the moderate price tag range. Known for its signature split-saddle, the GD20 is quite a catch.

Martin 000-15M

The 000 initials in the name tag indeed mean the 000-body shape of the guitar. With a global rating of 99 out of 100, the 000-15M is undoubtedly the best acoustic guitar under the $2,000 category.

Yamaha FG820

A prequel of the FG830 series, the FG820 series has the same best acoustic guitar features associated with the Yamaha name. But with this model, we are looking at a gloss finish that is quite eye-catching.

Taylor Academy 10

The highest globally rated guitar under the $1,000 category. With a distinct super slim neck profile and the added armrest, the Academy 10 is undoubtedly a guitar that must be included in the best acoustic guitar category.

Martin 00-15M

Another Martin is ensuring a spot for itself in the list of best acoustic guitars. A 00-body shape with a complete solid mahogany profile is something that everyone loves.

Fender FA-115 

The all-time favorite FA-115 has finally labeled itself the best acoustic guitar with a fantastic price tag and a gloss finish.

Yamaha FG800

Yamaha FG800 is one of the earliest and most widely used guitars of all time. With a dreadnought shape and a solid spruce top, the FG800 has a friendly price tag as well.


When it comes down to choosing the best acoustic guitar, there’s nothing better than sticking with a guitar that is manufactured by one of the most reputed brands. Although prices may differ according to the manufacturer and the features offered, you can always rely on these guitar manufacturers who have earned their reputation over decades.