Simmons SD550 Review

VD September 09 2021

The Simmons SD550 Electronic Drum Set with Mesh Pads is a drum that has been designed to offer its owners a hassle-free and fun experience. This article will give you the information that you need about this drum set in order to find out what it can offer, if it is worth its price tag, and which other products might be better options for you. It is important that before making any purchase online or offline, especially in this case when you are looking into buying an expensive item like an electronic drum set, that you take the time to look around for information so that you can make an informed decision.   


This Electronic Drum Set offers many features, but let's start by looking at the technical specifications of this kit. The kit itself is an 8 piece drum set that includes 3 single zone mesh drum pads, a kick pad with trigger, 2 dual zone cymbal pads, and 3 toms. There are 300 different sounds available on the SD550 as well as 10 pre-set songs and 5 custom song tracks. MIDI compatibility allows users to incorporate their own sounds into the mix and use them with this kit. It also comes with 20 preset kits so you can start playing right away without any hassle and an onboard coach system that will tell you how to play certain beats and improve your skills on each of the drums. This kit has it all for those who know little or nothing about drums or those more experienced players looking for something new to try out, and it is great for any age and skill level.

The SD550 also features a USB port, headphone jack, and even an onboard metronome which has many different settings for those who wish to practice or play as quietly as possible (great for those with roommates). It is equipped with foot pedals that are velocity-sensitive like the rubber pads of more expensive drum sets, but these ones have been designed specifically to deliver a low friction experience allowing faster double bass pedal work. The mesh pads will allow those new to drums to have an easy time playing fast beats without sticking, unlike rubber pads. When you combine this with the fact that there are no sticks involved, beginners can develop their speed much quicker than if they were hitting rubber pads or acoustic drums. There is a downside which we will get to in the pros and cons section below, but for now, let's look at some features.

Simmons SD550 Specifications:

  • Rugged metal frame
  • Mesh pads with "Just Play" technology
  • 3 single zone mesh drum pads, 1 kick pad with trigger, 2 dual zone cymbal pads, and 3 toms
  • 20 preset kits for playability right out of the box 
  • 300 sounds including 10 pre-set songs and 5 custom song tracks
  •  USB MIDI compatibility allows user to incorporate own sounds into mix. Also features an on board coach system that teaches you how to play different beats on each of drums through built in metronome settings. Comes with 3 pedals (hi hat control pedal not included) which are velocity sensitive like rubber drum pads but allow faster double bass work due to their low friction surface. No sticks needed. Can be played at any skill level.

There are so many things to love about this set, including its low price tag for a mesh drum pad kit compared to similar products on the market. Most other pads start at around $500 which makes this one stand out from the crowd. It also has more features than most of its competitors which is great because you are getting that much more bang for your buck with it. It has been designed with beginners in mind offering them quality sounds and ease of use while still being able to satisfy experienced players who want something new or different from their old drum sets or kits they have been playing on all along. This kit is equally suited for both types of players.

Simmons SD550 PROS:

  • Mesh pads are easier for beginners to use.
  • Comes at a great price for 8 piece mesh pad kit.
  • Many different features making this one of the best kits on the market for its price range.

Simmons SD550 CONS:

  • Mesh pads do not behave like rubber pads.
  • No hi-hat control pedal included.
  • Mesh pads may be too sensitive for some players who are accustomed to rubber pads or acoustic drums.


So, even though this kit has its cons, they are minimal compared to the benefits offered by the mesh pads. Beginners will definitely want to give these a try as they are easier to use and will offer faster improvement because of it. They may not feel exactly like rubber pads but they are close enough for those who have never played before to get up and running much faster than if you had tried hitting rubber pads or an acoustic drum set. Experienced players may also appreciate trying out something new that is less expensive than most other drum kits on the market today. This kit can be used by any skill level so whether you are just learning how to play drums or an experienced player looking for something different, this kit should suit your needs nicely.