Piano songs for beginners

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

When beginning to learn how to play the piano, it is important to have access to good beginner songs. This way you will stay motivated when learning. You can also print these songs out so that when you are at the piano you know what to play next.

How can a beginner choose an easy piano song to play?

When a person is choosing a beginner song to play on the piano it is important that they try to stay away from songs that have fast-moving hands. This can be too difficult for a beginning pianist and will most likely frustrate you. Relaxing at the keyboard and playing calm, soothing music with no harsh rhythms is best.


List of Best Easy Piano Songs To Play For Beginners:

  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  2. Jingle Bells -This Christmas Song is relatively easy as far as the rhythm goes but the left-hand octaves might give some trouble.
  3. Canon In D Major - This classical piece sounds very complicated but if done slowly it really isn't that hard for a beginner since you only have to play one note at a time.
  4. Greensleeves -This is one of the first songs most parents teach their children to play on piano or keyboard. It is very easy to learn and can help you gain confidence which will help you feel comfortable moving on to more difficult songs.
  5. Auld Lang Syne - This piece sounds complicated but it really isn't if played slowly. The rhythm may be too fast for beginners though, so beware of that before trying this song out.
  6. Minuet In G Major - If you are looking for some traditional beginner music then this classic German dance song is what you want to try first. The left-hand part has no notes so there won't be any distractions.
  7. Love Story - This ballad is a very calming piano song for beginners to learn. It will give them practice in playing notes with their right hand and chords with the left.
  8. Fur Elise - Most people know this classical piece by Beethoven's last name but it is no less an awesome piece that is good for beginner pianists to learn. It can be frustrating though because there are some quick chord changes and sketchy rhythms here and there so while you should try practicing it, do so at your own risk!
  9. Greensleeves - We thought we'd include another version of this song because it is just that good. This one has a chord progression that you won't get in the other version and the left-hand part is different as well so it's like playing two songs in one sitting.
  10. Canon In D Major - Just like we did before we included another version of this classical piece because it sounds so nice! The chords and melodies are very pleasant and soothing to play so if you aren't feeling up to doing anything too difficult, try playing along with this song instead.
  11. Tupelo Honey - This is a mellow song that will get you playing smooth jazz right from the start. It might be simple but it sounds gorgeous and even professionals tend to play this one at their gigs.
  12. Fur Elise - Here is another version of Fur Elise that you can try out. This one has a triplet feel to it which can make the rhythm more difficult for a beginning pianist but if you stick with it and practice a lot, you'll get it eventually!
  13. Moonlight Sonata - This song might be kind of long but the good news is that the left-hand part doesn't have any notes in it so there's nothing too complicated going on there. If you sit down and play the right-hand chords slowly then you should do just fine!
  14. My Heart Will Go On - This is another piece that most people know because of the Titanic movie even though the melody was actually written before it came out. The chords are pretty simple and there aren't many difficult parts to this song so if you like Celine Dion's music, why not learn how to play one of her songs on piano?

What about simple pop songs for piano beginners?

Most pop songs are not easy to play on the piano because they have so many chords and fast-moving hands. Some of them can be simplified though so you might want to keep your eyes out for some simplified versions of popular songs that are being taught to children.

Who has to choose piano songs to play - student or teacher?

In most cases, it is better for a student to pick the songs they want to play. This way you stay motivated and excited about learning piano. You can have your teacher give you suggestions but in most issues, they will let you choose what you enjoy playing best so that you'll practice more often and get better faster.

Where can I find free sheet music with simple songs to play on the piano?

Many beginner-level piano songs are pretty simple so if the song doesn't exist in simplified sheet music then there is probably no version of that song that exists at all without complex chords or rhythms. In this case, try asking on our forum or on Reddit where people might be able to help with your request.


Is it better to learn to play songs by ear?

Beginners should not try to learn a song by ear before they have the basics of piano under their belt. This means being able to read sheet music and play simple songs without too much trouble. Once you reach that stage then ear training can be very useful because it will help you become more familiar with chords, melodies, and patterns.

Can I improvise my own piano music?

Yes! Trying out new things is the best way to get better at playing piano so don't be afraid to test out your skills on a piece you haven't ever seen before. You might stumble a bit but in most cases, you'll pick up on what works and what doesn't pretty quickly so make sure to give it a shot - nothing is nothing earned!

Final word

The best way to learn how to play the piano is by trying out different songs and seeing which ones resonate with you. Even though some people have a natural talent for it, most of us need to put the hours in by practicing each song over and over until we get it right so take your time!