How to Wear Headphones with Glasses

VD July 07 2021

Are you one of those people who wear glasses who don't want to miss out on a game of gaming with a headset or a few musical sounds with headphones? Then you are like the author of this guide. She has also been wearing glasses since childhood but is also a great fan of music and games. So what can be done so that the glasses don't squeeze all the time while wearing a headset or headphones? 

Wearing glasses and headphones at the same time is as difficult at something as trying to mix oil and water - getting a perfect mix is virtually impossible. Anyone who wears glasses and who is also into music at the same time knows the problem that glasses just don't go well with headphones. We have to admit that headphones and glasses are never 100% compatible. However, there are ways to combine both as painlessly and comfortably as possible. 


What can cause discomfort for people wearing headphones with glasses

Of course, if you wear glasses you first have to ask yourself where exactly the headphones are causing the pain in order to find out which headphones are the right ones in the future. There are four possible reasons for the pain. This is a major issue for people who practice with glasses a lot and also for DJs who wear headphones all the time.

The clamping force of the bracket is crucial for ensuring that the headphones sit securely on the head, but at the same time not press too hard on the auricle. If the clamping force is too high, it can lead to glasses-wearers that the headphones press too hard on the frame of the glasses and cause pain. You should therefore make sure to find a model that does not sit too tightly on the head so that the glasses can still be easily placed under the headphones.

The headphone cushion should serve as a kind of buffer zone between the auricle and the headphones and at the same time reduce the clamping force. As a wearer of glasses, you should think carefully about the properties of the upholstery (leather, silicon) in order to create a buffer zone that is as painless as possible.

For those who wear glasses, it is also crucial whether the model is in-earon-ear headphones or over-ear headphones. Over-ear models are usually larger and encircle the ear, while on-ear models are smaller and rest on the ear. Wearers of glasses should bear in mind that the on-ear version is often smaller, the clamping force is higher and the wearing comfort could therefore be lower. 

Wearers of glasses often complain about wearing on-ear headphones. The over-ear variant could therefore be the more suitable, as it completely encloses the ear and does not press the glasses against the auricle.

There are countless models of glasses, and the possibility of actively shaping the design of the glasses yourself is limitless. Since rather thick glasses frames can cause greater pain, you should make sure to choose glasses with a thin frame that is as light as possible so that they can exert as little pressure on the head as possible.

The most important tip we can give, however, is to try on the headphones before buying. What should actually be taken for granted is essential in the special case for people who wear glasses. Every headphone worn with glasses behaves differently, when and in order to achieve the highest possible wearing comfort, this should definitely be tested beforehand. 


Which headphone style suits glass wearers the most

There are some headphone shapes that are particularly unsuitable for people who wear glasses and other shapes of headphones that are more likely to be called ear-friendly. You should take a close look at what kind of headphones you have already purchased. 

Is it a headphone that completely encloses the ear or a headphone that sits on the ear? Many people who wear glasses assume that headphones that completely enclose the ear are less comfortable. But it is exactly the opposite. If the headphones only sit on the ear, higher pressure is released on the inside of the ear and there is less padding. However, if the headphones or headset completely surround the ear, glasses wearers are more comfortable and buyers also benefit from better noise suppression, which increases the fun factor, especially when playing games or eSports.

There are three types of headpieces, and some of them don’t mix well at all but others are okay to wear headphones with glasses. At first glance, ear hook headphones look like a perfect choice, but this type of fastening collides very easily with the glasses hook and therefore does not fit well for people who wear glasses. 

A headband is also often used, as this type of headphone is one of the most common variants, but this is also not ideal for people who wear glasses. Basically, the bracket should never reach down too far. 

So-called neck braces are best suited for people who wear glasses, as they do not exert any pressure on the side. However, it is important that the neckband does not have an ear hook at the same time, which could cause problems with the glasses again. Second, neck braces are not quite as comfortable as other variants. Here the spectacle wearer simply has to decide what is more important to them.


Practical alternatives for wearing headphones with glasses

When we talk about headphones, we are talking about accessories, as they have an upper or different bracket depending on the model. So-called in-ear headsets are a practical alternative, which wearers of glasses should not have any disadvantages. This is a simple ear stud that does not touch the temple at all. However, this may result in other problems, since it is important that the fit is perfect even with this form of headphones. Otherwise, you don't have to expect any pressure near your glasses frame, but the pressure in your ear - that is certainly not your goal either.

Another negative is the fact that classic headphones definitely deliver a better sound result, although it always depends on the model. Of course, in-ear headphones are also able to offer first-class equipment and quality, but when it comes to right-left localization or good surround sound, headphones and headsets always have the edge.

How to wear glasses with headphones:

  • Headphones should not press the bracket into the scalp
  • Headphones do not leave any marks
  • They ensure high wearing comfort

Unfortunately, not all types of headphones are suitable for people who wear glasses. If you wear glasses and don't want to do without headsets or headphones, you should make sure that the ear is completely enclosed. Also, make sure that either a neckband or a maximum of one headband is used.

And a bonus video on headphones and glasses hacks: