How can you choose the right guitar chair?

Susan Fernandez February 02 2022

What is the peculiarity of the guitar chair?

At first glance, it is easy to confuse the guitar chair with the armchair that we use for sitting and relaxing. However, if you try to sit on a guitar chair, you will see that there are no arms; therefore it cannot be an armchair. The peculiarity of a guitar chair is in its form: its back has a different shape than usual chairs. It is like a half-ring lying on the floor.

This means that when you sit down and lean your shoulders against this curved part of the backrest, your shoulders and hands will remain at about the same elevation above your knees – which makes it easier for beginners to play their guitar without experiencing wrist pain or discomfort in their shoulders.

The most interesting inventions often seem so simple that you wonder why no one has thought about them earlier. That is exactly the case with guitar chairs – they are very simple but so brilliant in their simplicity! So take advantage of this invention and let your guitar practice be as comfortable as possible.

Do you really need a guitar chair?

Any chair will do – a kitchen chair, a stool, a bench… But it is true that guitar chairs have some advantages compared to regular chairs:

  • The height of the seat enables you to sit on a guitar chair with a straight back and legs – which means that your spine stays in the right alignment without any extra effort from your side. In turn, this provides additional comfort during practice sessions. During long hours of sitting your back tends to curve inward, but when using a guitar chair it always stays upright.
  • Since there are no arms on the backrest of a guitar chair, your shoulders and hands do not need to support the weight of your upper body at all; thus they remain relaxed during all practice sessions.
  • The shape of the backrest is formed like an arc. If you lean your shoulders against it in a correct position, then your hands will remain at shoulder height; that makes playing easier for beginners and does not put any strain on their muscles. This means no wrist pain or sore fingers!
  • The surface of the seat is deep enough to accommodate all standard guitar cases so they can be used as seats too when needed. Of course, you should keep in mind that this solution might not be the most sustainable one if there are several people using one guitar chair.

What are the main types of guitar chairs?

There are different sizes and shapes of guitar chairs available on today's market with prices varying accordingly: from $20 to $80 and more. Among the basic types of guitar chairs that can be found there are:

  1. The basic version with a regular shape (just like an armchair without arms) has a height of 41-43 inches; it is perfect for children, but most adults will also find this size comfortable enough.
  2. A smaller model designed especially for kids is usually about 38 inches high and 23 inches deep/wide; it looks like a stool and does not have extra features such as a backrest or storage space.
  3. As mentioned earlier, there is also another type, specialized for storing your cases when you need both seats and storage space at the same time – they usually come along with the main model in a set.
  4. There are also guitar chairs with extra features such as a footrest or a tilting back (which enables you to change the angle of inclination), but such models usually cost more.

How to choose a good guitar chair?

To begin with, you must decide what kind of music you like to play on your instrument; then choose a chair that would suit it best. For example, if your favorite style is flamenco (and you want to sit comfortably while playing), then buy a model that will allow you to feel the rhythm. Note that even if there's nothing wrong with practicing other styles on such a guitar chair, its construction makes it easier for beginners to learn how to play flamenco first.

Another factor that you must consider is the height of your guitar chair. To prevent backache after practicing, your knees must be approximately at an arm's length from the floor; otherwise, put a thick pillow under them. You should also take care of proper support and comfort in general: if you sit in a chair for hours, this has to be taken into account when buying it. A flat seat without any supportive features can cause serious discomfort and even spinal problems over time.

There are many models of guitar chairs on the market today; however, not all of them can boast such high quality as those that were made by Italian craftsmen in Venetian 'districts' (it takes several months to produce one such chair). The best examples of such models are those made by the company 'Gallotti and Radice'; they use only top-quality materials. But no matter what kind of guitar chair you choose, make sure it suits your height and weight; otherwise, you won't be able to play your instrument properly.

So let's not waste time and buy a comfortable model as soon as possible – practice makes perfect, after all!

Guitar stool vs Guitar chair

When it comes to playing guitar, there are two options when it comes to seating: a stool or a chair. But which one is better? The difference is actually quite simple.

A guitar stool is lower to the ground, which means you’ll be in a better position to reach the strings. This can be helpful if you have shorter arms or if you want to be able to play with more precision.

A chair, on the other hand, will put you at a higher level, which can be more comfortable for some people. Plus, it can be helpful if you want to be able to see the fretboard more easily.

Which model is right for you?

It all depends on your needs and preferences, as well as the available space around your place where you plan to put this piece of furniture. If it happens that way that there is no free space left (e.g., due to already existing furniture), then consider buying a smaller model if possible – it takes less space and does not compromise functionality at all. Also, if you do not need any special features like extra storage or tilting back, then go for an ordinary guitar chair; such models are usually cheaper.

The main thing to consider while choosing the right guitar chair is comfort. Even if you plan to burn all your money on buying something fancy, it would still be worth making sure that it feels good while sitting in it and playing your instrument; otherwise, you will get tired of practicing quickly enough. If there's no need for any additional features, then go for a simple model with a backrest – this is sufficient for most people.

For young beginners who are just learning how to play an instrument, there are special models available (e.g., with extra storage space). Just make sure they suit your height before purchasing one! And by the way…if you can't find anything suitable in stores near you, then order a custom-made guitar chair – not only is it made to measure, but also its design may suit the interior of your place.

All in all, if you still find it difficult to choose a model for yourself – don't be afraid! There are lots of different models available on the market today; go and try them out or browse through images online – this will help you make a decision much easier. And one more thing: do not hurry by making up your mind as soon as possible – design something that meets your taste and preferences, which will encourage you to practice guitar even more often.

TOP-7 guitar chairs

Fender 30 Guitar Barstool

This is a good model which you can put in your working room and use as a barstool, or you can buy two pieces of this type and put them near the corner where your guitar is hung up for playing. To be more precise, it has a wooden frame with metal legs holding the seat (where you sit). The height of such chairs is adjustable – from 24.8 to 33 inches; hence, they fit people of all heights.

Boss Tony Award-Winning Design Guitar Chair

This model was created by Boss together with the famous American designer Tony Silver. It is one of the most popular models which look perfectly both in an office and music studio due to black and white color design – a great choice if you want something stylish for your home. It was designed especially for electric and acoustic guitars, and it has a very comfortable seat (made of high-quality foam); the backrest is also perfect – you will not feel any pain or stiffness after practicing guitar for several hours.

Herman Miller Aeron Guitar Chair

This model was made by famous company Herman Miller as an attempt to create something special for people working in studios as well as ordinary musicians; this is one of those models which you can use without hesitation anywhere at your place.

The chair's frame is made of carbon fiber which makes it sturdy and pleasant to look at; it supports more than 300 pounds of weight and has a tilting backrest with a 'Live Back' feature – this means that the angle of inclination is not fixed, but it changes according to your back's shape.

K&M Guitar Performance Stool

Another brand offers a model which is a bit more expensive but it combines maximum functionality with a classic design. It has a black metal frame and a seat covered with high-quality vinyl – this means that the chair will be able to hold even those people who weigh over 300 pounds; thanks to special cushioning, it will not cause any discomfort during your practice even if you sit on it for several hours straight.

On-Stage DT8500 Guitar Stool

This stool is very similar to the previous one, but it is cheaper. It has a black metal frame and vinyl seat; moreover, there are two wheels attached to its legs which also makes this model mobile.

Kings Brand Furniture Dreadnought Guitar Chair

This chair was designed not for guitar playing only – you can put it in your living room or working room where you usually sit on armchairs, sofas etc. What makes this model different from others?

First of all, it has a solid wood construction which ensures both stability and sturdiness; secondly, the size of the seat (13×13 inches) and backrest (12×11 inches) allows sitting even for people who weigh over pounds. Last but not least, this model has a special cup holder which you can place in the armrest so that your favorite drink would be always at hand.

Stagg Guitar Chair

This is one more model with back support and its height is adjustable; it has soft cushioning on the seat and backrest, just like most similar models have.

However, there are some disadvantages too: the chair is not very stable (you cannot put unnecessary weight on it), especially when you lift its front legs from the floor – this is a common problem for models of such type. Moreover, shifting into different positions is difficult as well as moving around while sitting on it – another disadvantage of using this kind of chair.

Do It Yourself guitar stool

If there's no suitable guitar chair available in stores near you or simply don't have enough time to waste in queues, you can always create one on your own. You just need to buy a wooden chair (without adding armrests), cover its back with some soft material, and place the guitar holder under the seat.

You will need such materials as:

  • Wooden chair without armrests;
  • Soft material (foam, cotton etc.);
  • Screwdriver;
  • Wood glue.

The process of creating a DIY guitar stool is very simple: make sure that the chair is stable and put a piece of soft material on its back than fix it there with staples or by using glue. After that make sure that the material is not sliding.

If you use a screwdriver for this purpose, make sure that its tip is not sharp – otherwise, it will rip or tear your fabric after screws are inserted into fabrics and no returns.

Make legs with high-quality wooden material, attach them to the chair and place the guitar holder under its seat. If you think that making a DIY guitar stool is too complicated for you, remember that it will take only several hours of your spare time to create one in accordance with your own ideas.

The last but not least advice about choosing proper chairs or stools is to keep in mind that you need them because they must not only be useful when playing guitar but also provide maximum comfort when using them in other situations as well.

So make sure that the height of the chair's backrest does not limit your view when watching TV, reading a book, or listening to music on the stereo set. This way you will get rid of unnecessary problems which may occur due to uncomfortable positions on armchairs or on sofas.