Epiphone SG Pro

VD September 09 2021

Epiphone is a company that manufactures musical instruments, especially well known for its electric guitars. Their prices are very affordable because of their contractual agreements with the Gibson. This article will discuss the Epiphone SG Pro which happens to be one of their amazing-sounding guitars that can also deliver user-friendly playability. With this guitar, you can get the classic SG tone while enjoying its practical design. The Epiphone G-400 Pro is the closest you can get to owning a Gibson for under $500.

Since SG is one of the most iconic rock guitars ever, it has been having its fair share in the music industry. However, when Epiphone decided to create their own version of an affordable SG model, they came up with something that's simply impressive because of its look and sound. The Pro gives off a classic tone without compromising quality. Well, what else could you ask for?

How does Epiphone SG Pro sound like?

You'll know how the guitar sounds in just minutes after playing it thanks to its impressive pickups. It's well known among many musicians especially because of this feature in which you'll find very commonly on guitars meant for hard rock or metal genres. You can get a lot of power from the pickups, which is all you need to enjoy your favorite songs. They're very responsive, and you can easily change their tone using tone controls on your amp. In addition, the guitar itself has a mahogany body that produces high volume levels even when not plugged in.

Design and Features

When you take a look at this instrument, it certainly looks cool with its transparent finish over an old-school cherry red base color. It has two silver humbuckers mounted on chrome covers which are similar to what you see in Les Pauls except for their size difference. There are volume knobs for each of the humbuckers and a single-tone knob. It also comes with an EZ-tuner technology that allows you to tune your instrument in less than 10 seconds. For its hardware, it has a graphite nut and diecast tuners for durability.

Performance and Sound Quality

When you plug this guitar, it sounds good right away thanks to the powerful pickups which produce great midrange as well as crisp highs. If you turn up the tone control of each pickup, you will get those cranked Les Paul tones with loads of sustain. The mahogany body resonates very well and delivers that warm tearing sound that is so classic with SG guitars.

Specifications of Epiphone SG Pro:

  1. Bridge: LockTone Tune-O-Matic
  2. Finish: Transparent Black Cherry Burst
  3. Neck: Mahogany Slim Taper "D" Profile
  4. Scale length: 24.75"
  5. Fingerboard: Rosewood with Trapezoid Inlays
  6. Binding: Body, Fretboard, and Headstock - Cream
  7. Number of frets: 22 Medium jumbo
  8. Hardware: Nickel with Grover Tuners
  9. Pickups: Alnico Classic Pro humbuckers (neck/bridge) - 9V active preamp, coil tap, series/parallel switch, 3-way toggle on the upper shoulder - 1 volume & 1 tone controls and chrome pickup covers
  10. Weight: 7.3 pounds
  11. Included accessories: Hard case, strap, cable, and tools for adjustments

Pros of Epiphone SG Pro:

  • Affordable "Gibson" like a guitar without compromises when it comes to quality
  • Has a mahogany body which makes the sound come out good even when not plugged in
  • The pickups are great with a powerful midrange and crisp highs

Cons of Epiphone SG Pro:

  • Only has 22 frets (some prefer 24+)

What we like

We like how this guitar can provide high output sound without having to be too expensive. In addition, the EZ-tuner is a very good feature for beginners and players who are always on the go.

The Epiphone SG Pro is a solid guitar with great sound quality at an affordable price range. It might not have some of the features you can get from its more advanced models but this version certainly brings out that classic SG vibe right away.

What we don't like

We do not think that it has a lot of potential in terms of playing newer music styles although it sounds versatile enough to play anything that has to do with rock or pop music. You might also need to change some things about your setup if you want to add variety to how this guitar can sound.


If you're looking for a solid-looking and sounding electric guitar under $500, the Epiphone G-400 Pro seems like the right choice since it's extremely affordable yet doesn't compromise quality. If you don't play metal or rock, it may not be for you though since this guitar is designed to give out hard-hitting tones perfect for that genre.