Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

VD November 11 2021

The majority of beginners who play the cheap acoustic guitar may feel as if it sounds just like a toy, and it can be pretty uncomfortable to play it because of its high action. When we talk about the best beginner acoustic guitar, it requires very little extra gear, and you can pick out so many acoustic guitars in the market so that you can start your musical career. Another positive aspect is that these instruments give you as beautiful sound as they look, therefore, you don’t need to compromise on the style or sound.

Fortunately, there are several brands of acoustic guitars on the market so it may be difficult to choose one if you are a beginner. We made things easier for you by offering some suggestions that would help you to buy the right guitar according to your need and budget. Here is some information about different types of beginner acoustic guitars that will give you an insight into what is available in the market.

List of the best acoustic guitars for starters

Taylor Academy 10 acoustic guitar

The Taylor guitars undoubtedly have a long track record of giving the highest quality and are therefore one of the 'big two' of the acoustic world. Although the price of Taylor Academy 10 might be high for anybody who is half-heartedly interested in learning, this guitar offers an incredible value to committed ones. This is undoubtedly the best beginner acoustic guitar at this price, as it is easy to play and sounds very good.


It is an impressive sound for a smaller guitar. Great tone in the midrange that only gets better when you plug in to an amp. Its size and weight make it great for driving around town, making quick trips to lessons or friends’ houses, or even taking on airplanes. The distinctive shape of the Taylor looks like nothing else out there - which is good if you get tired of everybody asking what kind of guitar you play (even though they already know). And it has one of the most reliable tuning machines available.


As always with beginner guitars, don't expect too much tonal diversity from this model: it's not built for heavy strumming nor intricate fingerpicking and although it's not bad at either, you'll need something better (and probably more expensive) for any serious gigs.

Martin LX1 acoustic guitar

We don’t often hear a guitar spawning a sub-genre, but when we talk about Martin LX1, it just did that. After the launch of this guitar around a decade ago, LX1 has become very famous and has been able to cause other rival brands to take note. It is highly recommended as a guitar for a beginner because it is small enough to carry around in the gig bag. In a band situation, this particular guitar is loud enough to hold on its own, which makes it a guitar that you won't ever outgrow.


It is a very light guitar, and it delivers a surprisingly big sound. For its price range, this tone is definitely impressive. The construction of Martin LX1 is top-notch, as expected from a world-class brand like Martin. It also features a solid Sitka Spruce top for durability and projection. You will probably have to play with the action for a few days before you get used to the neck, but after that, it's all smooth sailing!


In spite of some customer complaints about the sound quality, Martin LX1 has received great reviews as one of the best beginner acoustic guitars out there on the market today. Sound quality is subjective however, some people may find it too bright or just simply not for them. Also, some customers have complained of a lukewarm sound coming from the piezo pickup.

Fender CD-60S acoustic guitar

If you are not sure about how much dedication and time you need to learn an acoustic guitar, you have to be sure that you buy the one that can see you through your first steps. CD-60S by Fender is an entry-level acoustic guitar and is of great value. Many people like its neck with a rolled fingerboard edge, which helps to make sure that you can pull off barre chords easily. With Fender CD-60S, you will have a solid base to start your career.


A good price with a lot of value. It is not the perfect guitar but you can't expect that from a very low-priced model. The tone for the low price is quite impressive and most users claim it sounds far better than most guitars twice its cost or more. Fender CD-60S also has a smooth low action, making it easy to play barre chords with ease. It has an Adirondack spruce top, which is one of the reasons why this guitar is so bright in tone. This type of wood typically results in guitars that sound better with age as they develop their own character over time. Being made from laminated mahogany back and sides, you may have expected it to have a darker tone than what you get with the spruce top. However, mahogany is a tonewood that is known to give guitars a fat 'woody' sound.


One of the biggest complaints about this guitar is its pickguard looks cheap and the strings are not all that great. Also, some users have complained of bubbling on the finish. However, these are minor issues regarding quality control which will be covered by Fender’s warranty service. The wood may warp after time because it has been glued together rather than joinery-fitted into its final shape before being painted or stained.

Yamaha Storia I acoustic guitar

Many people consider acoustic guitars to be boring, but Yamaha Storia I is the best beginner acoustic guitar that stands out from the competition. It is designed in such a way that it is not only good as a sounding instrument, but it will also elevate your décor. Not only a solid spruce top is featured by Storia I, but it has a pretty striking off-white finish against mahogany sides and back.


Yamaha Storia I features a solid spruce soundboard and mahogany back and sides. The top of this guitar is produced from Sitka Spruce which is the most appropriate choice for an entry-level acoustic guitar, as it delivers a lively tone that is well balanced with warmth and bass response. Mahogany's back and sides provide the necessary tonal balance to give you a rich timbre. A solid Sitka spruce top ensures durability, making sure that you can swing your Yamaha Storia I around without worrying about any damage to the instrument itself. It has a vintage look with its matte finish, showcasing a scarf joint at the headstock by featuring two cream-colored binding lines along each side of the fingerboard extending from the body. This color scheme is further enhanced by a tortoise pickguard on the front, as well as a black bridge and fingerboard with doted white position markers.


A few users have complained of this guitar is quite heavy, making it hard to hold for long periods of time if you are a beginner. Also, some people were disappointed that Yamaha Storia I doesn’t come with a built-in tuner.

Gretsch G5024E Rancher acoustic guitar

Gretsch G5024E is the right guitar for the ones who like a dreadnaught acoustic shape but find these a little generic. The sound hole's unique shape will immediately be noticed and appreciated by you, but when you go a little deeper, you will find a number of small details that make it an exciting acoustic guitar for you. Things like gold-plated hardware and binding on its body give this guitar a true sense of character.


This acoustic guitar is available in three different finishes. It features a mahogany back and sides which can provide you with a richer tone than spruce top models, but not as bright as those made from rosewood. Its shape is dreadnaught, but it has more of an ornate look to it thanks to the binding on its body. A tortoise pickguard completes this design perfectly by adding an element of style to it without compromising the overall performance of the instrument.


Many users have complained about the lack of clarity on higher notes. However, these issues are usually caused by string action rather than the guitar itself. A professional setup will eliminate this problem completely for you if you are thinking about buying this Gretsch model.


There are a few factors to consider before you buy your acoustic guitar, which include whether you want to perform with your guitar or record with it. You have the option to look for the best beginner acoustic guitar that has onboard electronics so that you can easily plug it into the amp, just like an electric guitar.

It never makes sense to choose your first guitar using the price as the only criteria, so if you are committed to learning, you should consider many other factors including the quality sound.