What are 7 most popular electric guitars brands?

Susan Fernandez February 02 2022

The 6-string electric guitar is a versatile instrument that is popular with millions of musicians all over the world. Some beginner musicians may not be aware of various guitar brands available in the market and they end up buying a guitar that doesn't suit their requirements.

To address this issue, we have compiled the 7 best electric guitar brands list available in India that will help you make the right choice when buying one for yourself or your loved ones. These by far the best electric guitar brands are ranked for the variety of shapes, the quality of their sound, off-course, and affordability.

Best Electric Guitar Brands 2022



Yeah, that is classic! Gibson electric guitars have been a rage for over 60 years. With an impeccable history of producing some of the most phenomenal, versatile and legendary instruments in the world, Gibson was established way back in 1902 by Orville Gibson.

Their L-5 archtop guitar is one of the finest guitars ever produced. Also out there are variations like Flying V or Explorer with an edgy metallic body. The SG series guitars are also good-looking designs with bevels on all surfaces including headstock.

  • Guitar Shape and size

Gibson electric guitars come in a range of styles, shapes, and sizes. They come as solid-body as well as semi-hollow body guitars. The headstock is adorned with the signature 'Gibson' logo along with tuning keys that are positioned at an angle to reduce string tension and facilitate easy access for changing strings. 

Gibson electric guitars have humbucker pickups that produce a punchy tone and rich sound. Some models have double coil HB-Dirty Fingers pickups which can be very effective in bringing about a fat rock tone with enhanced harmonics. These features make Gibson electric guitars suitable for players who play different genres of music from jazz to classic rock or metal.

  • Sound

This brand of electric guitars is celebrated for its iconic Gibson humbucker pickups that have been favored by guitarists for years. The sound coming from the pickups is deep and rich with a lot of character. The noise cancellation properties in these guitars enable you to switch quickly between rhythm and lead tones at any point during your song or performance to create a diverse range of sounds. Price

The High-Performance Vintage series brings to you some great-looking electric guitars at very affordable prices. These models are inspired by popular vintage instruments but come with modern-day tweaks and finishing touches which make them superior alternatives to their vintage counterparts. For instance, they can feature maple tops, upgraded electronics, etc. So if you're a beginner musician on a limited budget then this brand of electric guitars offers a good value for money product line-up.

  • Prices

Surely, it varies from one model to another but you can get a good Gibson guitar for around $400 to $600.


Fender guitars are another most sought-after electric instruments in India that have been used by many musicians over the years. These guitars offer a wide range of tones and have great-looking retro designs which suit the preferences of all kinds of guitarists including beginners, semi-professionals as well as professionals.

  • Guitar Shape and Size

Most Fender guitars are made in the USA with some models being made internationally using cheaper labor costs to keep the price point low without compromising on quality or performance. As far as shapes go, Fenders can be custom built to replicate virtually any design you want like Jaguar, Mustang, etc., but if you're more concerned about style then they also come in funky finishes like candy apple red, vintage white, and many more.

The Stratocaster model is one of the most popular Fender guitars around because it has that distinct 'F' hole, which you'll find on all (or most) Fenders as well as other various design elements like a double-cutaway body which offers complete access to the upper frets of the guitar for easy soloing and technical playing.

  • Sound

Fender guitars incorporate a classic Fender tone with a range of modern features that make them suitable for all kinds of music genres. For instance, the Squire series has a wider frequency range and better tonal balance as compared to other low-cost brands of electric guitars. The use of good quality components also enhances the sound output from these instruments by offering more clarity and detail between different tones.

  • Price

If you're looking at buying a vintage Fender guitar then be ready to shell out some serious cash because those babies can go up well over $3,000 easily for some models! However, if you want something more affordable but high on quality then check out the Artist Series lineup as they offer good value for money as compared to their vintage counterparts or other good brands of electric guitars in the same price range.



This brand was started by Gibson to manufacture budget-friendly guitars and it is what they do very well. The good news about Epiphone electric guitars is that you can get one under $400 if you're looking for a beginner guitar or $500-$1000 for mid-level models which offer great value for money and decent performance.

  • Guitar Shape and Size

Epiphone guitars are available in various shapes and configurations, but the most commonly seen designs are those of single-cutaway Les Paul-styled guitars along with SG-style instruments as well as those modeled on popular Fender designs like the Stratocaster, etc.

In terms of size, these instruments provide a medium-sized body coupled with short-scale necks which make them easy to play as compared to other stringed instruments. As for shapes, they are all solid-looking instruments with no funky finishes or designs which help them blend well with most setups and gear without attracting too much attention.

  • Sound

Epiphone electric guitars are available in two main series including the Les Paul Series which has models like Pro, Standard Plus Top, Studio Plus Top, Tribute Plus etc., and the SG/Firebird Series that comes with some of the best playing guitars around. The sound output on these guitars is pretty good but it is slightly different from their more expensive counterparts because of cheaper pickups being used. However, if you're just starting out then this won't matter so much to you as you'll find it easier to play regardless of the quality difference.

  • Price

As mentioned earlier, Epiphone guitars are well known to be inexpensive without compromising too much on quality so they can be great beginner instruments to learn how to play. However, if you're looking for mid-level models then the price difference between these and their more expensive counterparts isn't that significant in terms of quality or performance so it's best you go with the Epiphones instead.


Tell us who doesn`t know about this brand! Squier is known for manufacturing good-quality guitars, especially if you are on a budget. The best part about this brand is that they manufacture guitars for everyone of every age and of every genre. Stratocasters, Telecasters, or Jazzmasters - you name it, they have it!

  • Guitar Shape and Size

Squier has two main lines including the Affinity Series which offers some decent entry-level instruments with great tone at affordable price points. So if you're looking to buy your first guitar then this would be a perfect choice to start out with. Apart from that, another line named Classic Vibe covers all big classic designs like Masterbilts, Strats, Teles, etc., which are more expensive but offer better quality as compared to other brands in the same price range.

  • Sound

Squier guitars are great for beginners or even pro users who simply need a decent, affordable option to practice with at home whenever they feel like it. The tone quality is good and so are the materials used in making them so you won't have any trouble in case you decide to play live gigs in the future with your instrument.

  • Price

Starter guitar players usually don't spend much on their instruments because they tend to outgrow them pretty quickly, that said Squier can be an affordable option if buying for children for example because kids usually grow up faster than adults, therefore, opting for this would save you some bucks. Otherwise, there's no difference between mid-level Fenders and its starter line Squier--it's just the name that makes it sound pricey!


Rickenbacker is a brand that produces some of the most iconic designs that have been replicated by several other brands as well along with those seen in rock and roll movies. When it comes to shapes, they are all vintage-looking solid-body instruments that aren't as popular as Stratocasters, etc. but look cool nonetheless.

  • Guitar Shape and Size

Rickenbacker has a bit of a different feel to it compared to other types due to the offset waist design of its guitars which make them look a little longer from behind. So if you're looking for something cool and vintage then this is definitely an option worth checking out!

Its design is based on several models including the 4000 series which is the most popular of all, however, if you want something less expensive then go for their Vintage Modified Series instruments.

  • Sound

The sound of Rickenbacker guitars is pretty distinct and different from other similar-looking ones that are produced by other brands because due to Rick's unique wiring style where it only has a volume control knob instead of a separate tone and volume knobs.

However, some players prefer this type because it sounds more like an old-school mono music record rather than a stereo one! Plus, its pickups are not as versatile as those seen on Stratocasters, etc., but they give their own unique tones nonetheless.

  • Price

Many people might think that Rickenbackers are pricey because they are all distinctive-looking vintage instruments, however, they're also not the most expensive brands in the market. Its starter series Ric 360 come with a decent price tag and offer a great playing experience compared to similarly priced instruments from other brands. Whether you`re a beginner or an experienced player, Rickenbacker could be a good option for you!


This brand came from Japan as a copy of Fender's Jazzmaster model, however, it has been years since then and now Ibanez produces its own distinctive models. Their guitars are known for their great playability and affordable prices compared to those from other brands that have been mentioned above.

  • Guitar Shape and Size

Ibanez has a line of solid body electric guitars including the Artcore Series which feature hollow-bodied instruments with vintage looks along with very playable thin necks - the fast track to success for any guitarist!

So if you're looking for something both unique and affordable then these could be one of your best choices ever. The downside is that players usually change pickups before anything else because they don't do justice to treble tones on this brand therefore if you plan on changing them then you might as well go for a Gibson, Fender or PRS.

  • Sound

Ibanez guitars sound great with distortion added to their tonal quality and that's why they're used by metal / hard rock bands/guitarists! Many jazz players use this brand too however it can't be compared to hollow-bodied instruments from other brands because those usually have a warmer tone which is great for jazz music.

In case you`re looking for something versatile then Ibanez won't make the best choice ever unless you change pickups etc., but if there's only one genre of music that you play then definitely give this brand a shot!

  • Price

The affordability factor of these instruments makes them great for young students who want to learn guitar because you can buy one without having to sell your house. Their starter series is quite affordable and has a decent tone along with lots of playability for beginners, however, if you're experienced then go for their Prestige or higher models which are more pricey but definitely worth the extra cash!


This brand is considered to be the best electric guitar brand by many well-renowned musicians such as John Mayer, Carlos Santana, and Dave Navaro just to name a few! So if we're talking about good quality instruments that sound great then PRS definitely deserves to be on this list.

  • Guitar Shape and Size

PRS is known for its distinctive body shapes which include Paul Reed Smith's very own design called "Custom 24" and several other models such as Custom 22, Custom 32, etc., but their other series also contains other unique models including SE Series which are beginner-friendly while still sounding similar to higher-priced instruments from this brand. In terms of size, they come in 25.5 inches or shorter lengths which makes them accessible for players who prefer smaller-sized guitars, but you can still purchase a full-size model if that's what you prefer.

  • Sound

If we're going to talk about the sound quality, then PRS definitely deserves a high rank in this list because it has one of the best electric guitars sounds out there! In terms of playability and affordability, their SE series is the best example where beginner players get to enjoy playing advanced models without having to pay lots of money for them.

Their higher range guitars from Custom 22 up to Custom 24 have great necks along with superb body shapes which combined create an excellent tone that even professional musicians would love!

  • Price

With prices starting from under $1000 all the way up to several thousand, whether you want a good quality instrument for professional use or are interested in buying a cheap beginner-friendly electric guitar then PRS is definitely among your best choices ever.


What are good electric guitar brands for beginners?

There are many different electric guitar brands that are ideal for beginners, including some of the top names in the industry such as Fender and Gibson or Ibanez.

At the beginner level, it is also important to choose a guitar that is comfortable and has a good tone. This can vary depending on your personal preferences and playing style, but some of the most popular brands for beginners offer guitars with smooth playability and great sound quality.