This is what we do.

This website is dedicated to music, musical instruments and provides reviews related to these subjects. It is our hope through this website people can find reliable information about the latest musical instruments so they can improve their skills.

The site does not only focus on let's say metallic strings type of musical instrument but everything else like wind instrumentalists will also be included in this website along with string-based musicians because we believe that music is an art that should never be limited to one category.

Who we are

We are a team of musicians, sound engineers, producers, and technologists. Our vision is to bridge the gap between live music & its fans by providing musicians with innovative new tools for their craft.

What we do

We review products of all types that are made for professional musicians. We review different types of supplies like amps, mics, volume pedals, etc. Our goal is to get people talking about music, help them get the gear they need, and connect musicians with each other.

As musicians ourselves we understand what needs to be heard when playing live on stage. We know how important good sound equipment is and we know what musicians look for. We aim to empower our readers by helping them make good purchasing decisions and get the most out of their gear.

Who we review for

Our reviews are for musicians, producers & sound engineers. We understand the different specs and features that different products have. We do our best to explain what makes a product great or not so great for musicians.

Why we do it

In today's world musicians have a lot of new innovative products to use. We want to facilitate the process by which musicians find out about these tools and decide whether or not they are right for them.    

Our story

The idea for this website came when one of our team members needed a solution to an audio problem while playing live. After doing some research he realized there were too many helpful sound-producing tools out there but due to lack of information they weren't being used by many musicians. That's why we started providing in-depth reviews to equip musicians with the knowledge required to make better purchasing decisions.

How we do it

Our reviews are thorough, transparent, and honest. We gather information through detailed research of each product in order to present our visitors with an objective opinion on its pros & cons. We also approach every product from the point of view of a musician who has to use it in his daily work therefore when reviewing a certain product we consider the following factors: quality, durability, affordability, and overall value.

Our philosophy

We aim to provide informative and engaging content for our readers, necessary information that will help them make good buying decisions and get the most out of their music-making.

Our values

We value neutrality, transparency, and authenticity. We do our best to stay unbiased in everything that we do.

What makes us different

We're an independent resource for all musicians who want to learn more about the world of sound production equipment. We provide honest, objective reviews that will help our visitors understand what products are great and which ones should be avoided.